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Every vehicle eventually starts to show signs of age, but through the use of preventative maintenance you are able to keep your car running longer. Catching a problem early allows you to potentially save thousands on more costly repairs down the road, and thanks to Texas CARS, LLC’s concierge service, you no longer have to try to fit essential maintenance and repairs into your busy schedule. Our Addison automotive service experts handle everything from brake replacement to a total engine overhaul, and all without you having to set foot inside of our shop.

General Maintenance

Full Service Oil Change and Chassis Lubrication with PICKUP & DELIVERY TO YOU

Full Service Tune-Up

State Inspection

Complete Brake Service and Wheel Alignments

Automatic Transmission Service

Tire Rotation

Serpentine and Drive Belts

Fuel Filters

Interstate Battery Service

Engine Air Filters and Interior Cabin Air Filters

Major Services

Brake Replacement / Brake Inspection Service

Air Conditioning Diagnosis



Timing Belt/Chain Replacement Service

Engine/Transmission Overhaul Replacement

*Additional Services

Glass Chip/Replacement


Beat the Texas Heat with an Air Conditioning Diagnosis

Is your air conditioner no longer working the way that it once did? Not only is it miserable to drive around without an air conditioner, it is actually dangerous. Prolonged exposure to the higher temperatures that are trapped inside a vehicle may lead to heat stroke, which could be lethal while driving. At our Addison auto center we are able to perform a thorough air conditioning diagnosis to get to the root of your problem.

You should also bring in your vehicle if you notice that your heater is no longer working the way that it should. Often times, heater trouble is actually a sign of larger problems, such as the need for radiator repair. It is vital that you have your vehicle looked at right away if you have problems with your radiator, because it could lead to total engine failure.

Let Us Take Your Vehicle to Our Shop Today

Regardless of what problems your vehicle may have, our Addison auto center is the shop to trust. Our ASE certified mechanics are able to diagnose and repair any problem, for serpentine belts to tire rotations, we handle it all. You no longer have to wait for quality Addison automotive service; just let us take your vehicle for you and we will have it back in time for you to drive home.

Get all of the services your vehicle needs by contacting us. Windshield replacement, vehicle inspection and brake repair in Addison, TX are only a few of the services we provide. We are available for all types of automotive services in Addison, TX and the surrounding areas.


Susan T.

This is the greatest thing since the invention of Dr Pepper! I don't have to do a thing but drive the car to work and drop my keys at the front desk. So so SOOO much better than going to a dealership and then waiting for their shuttle, and THEN waiting as they drop everyone in the van off before me. This is a much better use of my time. And the work is GREAT!